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Restoring a bike

Free Bike Check

Come along on a Saturday and we will do a FREE bike check for you.

We check…

Frame: Check for damage and alignment

Steering:  Headset and ensure handlebars are secure

Brakes:  Check cables, blocks and levers

Gears and drive: Check cables, levers, chain, freewheel and chainwheel

Bottom Bracket: Look for worn cranks, bottom bracket bearings, check pedals

Wheels and Tyres: Look at wheel bearings, loose or broken spokes, buckles and check the rims

Other Items: General check on seat post, lights, saddle mudguards etc.

We need to charge for parts to cover our costs and then ask for a donation to our project for the labour as we are all volunteers.


Brake blocks per pair £2.50

Brake inner cable £2.00

Brake outer cable £2.00 /meter

Brake noodle pipe £1.50

Gear inner cable £2.00

Gear outer cable £2.00/meter

Tube £4.00

Crank arm from £7.00

Tyre  £Various

Chain From £8.00

Cassette/ Freewheel From £10